Because “your best” is not a static goal, but rather a bar that is constantly rising higher, playing your ‘a game‘ consistently is impossible. It is especially true when you play sports and skill games like texas-holdem poker or chess, but the rule may also apply to all those activities requiring concentration and ability like sports betting. While the term ‘a game’ implies playing the game perfectly, it is necessary to mention that each time your game improves, you are also raising the peak and therefore, your current A game automatically becomes the B game. In order to test this hypothesis, you should compare your current A game with the one you had several years back. Even though playing at your best will inevitably set a new standard, there are ways to ensure you improve your game consistently. Let’s elaborate.

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Many people think that the betting on the score of football matches is all a game of chance and that there is no way to determine the odds accurately. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as all you need to do is take a look at the thriving sports betting business. There would be no way for bookkeepers to have the upper hand without a well-designed system of predicting the results of game. At the moment, there are two approaches used in calculating the chances of football teams: the ranking system and the rating system.

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Many systems exist in sports betting and perhaps, three of them are the most popular. They are as follows:

  • Catch up system

Here you need to choose a result, for example, you choose a draw. You need to bet on this draw until you win. Your job is simply to bet on it permanently increasing the amount, so when you win, the winning amount should cover all your previous bets and get a profit.

  • Martingale system

This is perhaps the most popular financial strategy, despite the fact that it was originally designed for betting in casinos. Nevertheless, this strategy is associated with a fairly high risk. The point here is to double your bet after every loss and to return to your initial bet in case of winning. This system is to be used only in tandem with a financial strategy which should be progressive in any case.

  • The Fork system

The main thing here is to take into account the difference between winning coefficients offered by different bookmakers’ offices. For example:

Bookmakers’ office 1 – team A 1.5 – team B -3

Bookmakers’ office 2 – team A 3 – team B 1.5

You can see that if you bet $ 100 on the team B at bookmakers’ office 1 and on team A at bookmakers’ office 2, you will lose at one of the offices and win at the other one and you’ll get the amount of $ 300 which will cover your bets and you’ll get $ 100 profit. This system is considered the most reliable system on sports betting.

These are the most simple and the most reliable sports betting systems, especially the last one! So, good luck to you!

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