Why do people lose?

January 14 0 By Credible Sport

In case you are one of those people who does not stake for the first time on sports events and nevertheless, your winnings are almost equivalent to your losses, or they even a negative amount, do not be surprised ? you are not alone! According to the well known statistics, at least 98 % of the players during a long term game are suffering losses. Bookmakers themselves have already admitted that the vast majority of players lose ? it this, undoubtedly, is an unquestionable fact.

So, why is this happening? Don?t these people understand that they play against themselves? Let?s forget about those clients of bookmakers? offices who stake out of mere freak and entertain themselves by wasting money. These are not the type of people we are talking about and we shall not take them into account. We are only interested in serious players who bet in order to get profit. What is the cause of their failure? As a matter of fact, they all have at least a basic knowledge about sports betting, they have their own financial strategies and they all are able to use the afore ? mentioned practically. Now is the time to say that all your knowledge and experience of betting at bookmakers? office is just 30% of success. Most people don?t think it is true but that is their grand mistake.