Knowing the championship situation, it will be much easier for you to carry out a pre ? game analysis. It will be also great if you have a chance to read the pre ? match reviews from independent sources. The pre ? game analysis includes almost everything: information about injuries, disqualifications, the mood of a certain team etc. As a matter of fact, the information about injured players is useful only if you know what is the role of these players in their teams and do they have suitable replacements. An excellent source to get such information is the forum of fans. In case you have decided to analyze the championships of Britain or Germany, most probably you?ll be wasting your time, since these championships are in full view of everybody. However, if you decide to analyze the second division of Norway, you should definitely ask the opinion of the national bookmakers on that matter. It is assumed that they have much more info on their championship, rather than bookmakers? offices in other countries.

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